Rozhovor se Švýcarskou investiční platformou Verve Ventures a jejím vstupu na český trh

Švýcarská investiční platforma Verve Ventures otevírá dveře českým investorům. Ti se budou moci podílet na financování startupů, do nichž zpravidla vstupují jen velké fondy. Přečtěte si rozhovor s Chrisem Gay-Crosierem, vedoucím pro mezinárodní investování, o expanzi na český trh, současné situaci i o jejich úspěších.

Reverse Pitch

Investors will introduce themselves to startups.The Reverse Pitch helps founders choose the best one

Starting a business is always difficult. Without the right business contacts, it is almost impossible to break through. The international syndicate of angel investors DEPO Angels from the DEPO Ventures group will therefore organize a Reverse Pitch event at the end of March, which will help connect startups with investors. Start-up entrepreneurs will be able to expand their network of contacts. While startups will be introduced to dozens of angel investors from Central Europe and the Baltic countries, this works out for investors who will be able to find new investment opportunities.

Transatlantic Startup Pitch

5th annual Transatlantic Startup Pitch is bringing a stars of Silicon Valley

Dozens of startups from two continents are fighting for the favor of global investors at the Transatlantic Startup Pitch event. The stars of Silicon Valley will also be involved.

Petr Sima a Michal Vajskebr

How not to fall victim to your own success

Managers in their fifties should not throw the towel in yet; startups are not just for young people. We are entering a period of fluid relations, headhunter Michal Vajskebr and startup investor Petr Šíma both agree.

Engaged Investment Conference

The Engaged Investment conference hosted important  faces, offered workshops and networking

Our annual Engaged Investments Conference brought many business angels and experts together. It was an amazing event and we were overwhelmed by the large number of our participants.

Engaged Investment Conference

Another Engaged Investment Conference is here!

The Engagement Investment Conference is a one-day event that hosts famous speakers, such as experienced business angels and other experts. They all will talk about investing in startups. This year we aim to support the growth of the European venture capital ecosystem.

DEPO VENTURE Startup Pitch, CEE edition

A special Central and Eastern Europe edition of Startup pitch event is coming in June

With the development of technology you can invest in startups anywhere in the world.

DEPO has partnered with biggest companies to increase your business growth

DEPO has partnered with biggest companies to increase your business growth

DEPO Ventures has been collaborating with world tech leaders such as Microsoft for Startups, Hubspot for Startups, MongoDB for Startups, Notion, Segment and Freshworks. Thanks to our partnership, we can provide startups huge discounts, in some cases up to 90%. The cumulative value of those benefits and perks is 300 000 EUR. Other benefits include access to technology and other valuable resources. These exclusive perks we offer to startups from our angel's fund portfolio or startups from DEPO Angels Network. Anybody can apply.

Startup pitch

A virtual event helping with co-investing into early-stage startups

The well-known rule that a business angel invests an hour from his house no longer applies. With the technology development you can invest in startups anywhere in the world.

usiness Angels of Slovenia are cooperating with Slovene Enterprise Fund

Co-financing up to 600k EUR for investors in Slovenian startups

If you are private investor and would like to invest in a startup incorporated in Slovenia, the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF) can double your investment! SEF is supporting up to 5 best startups per year with the program called SI-SK: incentives for the startup of innovative enterprises.

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