DEPO Ventures has supported an application that will improve the gaming experience, GitGut


The Czech startup GitGut wants to break through in computer games by developing a voice assistant who, with the help of artificial intelligence, teaches players and improves their gaming experience.

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5th annual Transatlantic Startup Pitch is bringing a stars of Silicon Valley

Transatlantic Startup Pitch

Dozens of startups from two continents are fighting for the favor of global investors at the Transatlantic Startup Pitch event. The stars of Silicon Valley will also be involved.

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DEPO Ventures invests in Blockmate, startup focusing on high-quality fin. data from crypto accounts

Blockmate founders

Traditional financial institutions are already interested in cryptocurrencies and open banking. However, there is still no place where all available information from the crypto area meets. The Czech-Slovak startup wants to change this through access and analysis of data from crypto accounts.

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DEPO Ventures opens another angel fund for investors. Three investments have been made


The Czech investment group DEPO Ventures opens the second angel fund that will provide smart money to startups in the initial phase. It follows the successful concept from the first fund, where most investors from the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and experienced C-level managers actively participated and helped companies in their growth.

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DEPO Ventures invests in a startup that uses its technology to prevent aircraft collisions


The German startup Evitado Technologies developed a revolutionary system to prevent aircraft collisions. Their LiDAR technology can prevent damages caused by moving the aircraft on the ground.

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