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DEPO Ventures investment group

title 25 portfolio startup companies
title 10 mil+ € investment participation
title 150+ investors in our community

We invest and connect

DEPO Ventures manages angel funds and an international network of angel investors

Portfolio startups

I was looking for a place where I could use my work experience, meet interesting people and learn something about the startup world. The place where I could give and take at the same time. I found it in Grouport. Participating in the decision-making process on where to invest is interesting. I am part of a team of people with different experiences who evaluate the potential of young people to succeed with their ideas.

Igor Zahradníček Investor

After the pitch event, we were contacted by a number of interested investors including Michal from DEPO Angels fund I. (Grouport). We spoke regularly over the weeks that followed regarding our business. It was apparent they were professional, reliable and trustworthy. We went through a thorough process of due diligence which gave us the opportunity to build a relationship, although remotely.

Janosch Amstutz Beem

We are confident that the partnership with DEPO Ventures and the advice we receive from experienced investors will help us make our vision a reality."

Tinu Bosînceanu Upgrade Academy

We plan to launch new functions in which we believe that DEPO Ventures will help us strengthen our strong market position in Central and Eastern Europe and give us insight into the North American market.

Rauno Sigur DriveX

People at DEPO Ventures have clearly shown us how to make investments in startups west of us. We are planning another investment round, and we believe that we will be able to raise capital faster thanks to them. We also hope to get a lot from the huge network of angel investors, DEPO Angels, which will help us move the company forward. At the same time, we can find customers or mentors among them.

André Dravecký Ringil