DEPO Ventures invests in data automation. Swedish-Czech startup Forloop raised 875k euros.

DEPO Ventures invests in data automation. Swedish-Czech startup Forloop raised 875k euros.

No successful company today can do without rapid adaptation to the constantly changing market conditions. Finding out the behavior of the target group, new trends, and competitors, all of this can be crucial for the further development of a company. The problem with data is that its processing is often very slow, difficult, and most importantly manual. In addition, many companies do not use this additional data at all and rely only on their internal data. To handle this problem, the Czech-Swedish startup has created a platform to automate work with external data, which has been proven to speed up the work of data analysts while generally saving time and resources. The startup has now raised around 875 thousand EUR from Czech and foreign investors, including the angel fund DEPO Ventures. The funding will be used to improve the product, grow the number of users and expand into the US.

The Engaged Investments conference welcomes angel investors and VC funds in Prague.

The Engaged Investments conference welcomes angel investors and VC funds in Prague.

The Czech startup investment scene may be off to a good start, however, compared to many other European countries they are still falling behind. Perhaps the reason might be that the interested parties lack general information about the market and their understanding of it is still often only superficial. The Engaged Investments conference aims to change this. The all-day event is not only for experienced investors but also those that are just thinking about their potential engagement. The conference and its program will have up to 20 hardened professionals mainly from foreign countries discussing their experiences and their expertise. The 4th consecutive conference hosted by the investment group DEPO Ventures is going to take place in Prague on October 10th.

The Bunch app helps you become a better leader. Investing in it was a no-brainer.

The Bunch app helps you become a better leader. Investing in it was a no-brainer.

Companies are spending billions of euros on training their employees. However, numerous classes and workshops often tend to be inefficient for many professionals. Bunch is a new tool, helping employees in a way that in-person classes and workshops could from a certain perspective never match. The app is an AI-powered pocket coach, which helps people to become better members of their respective workspace every single day. Its main specialty is to create new leaders and upgrade the skills of the already leading. This unique startup as of now managed to acquire 2.2 million euros. The most recent investment round was backed by the forefront of the European investment funds, among them the angel investor company DEPO Ventures.

CEO Milan Moravec and his team

The construction industry is yesterday’s news. DEPO invested in its digitization.

When a building is being designed, a massive pile of data is an inevitable outcome. Only the gathering and analysis of this data takes an extensive amount of time. Czech startup Digital Transformation Systems (DTS) aims to make this tedious process easier for their customers working in industries such as construction and engineering. The way how DTS accomplishes this is by shifting to the building’s digital information system based on the BIM (Building Information Modeling), which in a short amount of time is going to be mandatory to use in the European Union. So far, BIM managed to get a hold of 14 million crowns from the investment funds DEPO Ventures, StartGuide, Lighthouse Ventures, and Czech Founders Fund. This funding is going to be used primarily for foreign expansion.

Tomas Zrubecky

The end of job dissatisfaction. DEPO Ventures invests in a startup that completely changes job searc

Most often people resign at work due to unsatisfactory corporate culture. However, companies often do not examine the match between the needs of employees and their direction during recruitment. Startup Supertalent wants to change that. It will help people looking for work to find the company that best suits them. The company has now received two and a half million Czech crowns from DEPO Ventures. The Central European startup accelerator StartupYard also invested in the startup. The current investment round is not closed yet, other investors from Europe and the USA are in play.


Fintech attracts angel investors as well as traditional banks. Join us for an online event

Large banks can easily lose their drive. They have long since discovered that their development is not enough and started to look for innovations in the startup world. Fintech is one of the most popular areas where investors put their investments. According to the current DEPO Angels survey, 49 percent of angel investors prefer it. And it is for these reasons, the DEPO Ventures investment group is organizing an online event at which it will present carefully selected startups focused on financial technologies and decentralized finance.


Estonian startup DriveX helps to solve insurance claims and prevent fraud

Insurance is one of the most conservative fields and digitization in it has always been very slow due to regulation. However, this has started to change in recent years. The Estonian startup DriveX is developing a technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate the verification of motor vehicles and can detect any damage. It simplifies and speeds up claims, helps prevent insurance fraud, and can save insurance companies billions. The company has now raised $ 1 million from thirty-seven angel investors from Estonia, Czech DEPO Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures from Silicon Valley, Startup Wise Guide, and Fund Fellow Founders.

Business Angels in The Czech Republic Research 2021 just came out!

Business Angels in The Czech Republic Research 2021 just came out!

Angel investors do not lose the desire to continue investing. About a quarter of them intend to significantly increase the amount of venture capital this year. Half want to invest a similar amount of funds in startups at an early stage of development as last year. In addition, they are proving to be gradually increasing the frequency of their investments.


Petr Šíma: It's time to start making huge investments in defense technology

It's been a few weeks since Russian military planes, tanks, armored vehicles, and cannons invaded Ukraine. And many people in Europe have their eyes opened. They began to help the Ukrainians, sending money to buy weapons and other military equipment. The war near us could also awaken venture capital investments in weapons or defense technologies. For example, investing in defense technology now makes more sense than buying other real estate.

Reverse Pitch

Investors will introduce themselves to startups.The Reverse Pitch helps founders choose the best one

Starting a business is always difficult. Without the right business contacts, it is almost impossible to break through. The international syndicate of angel investors DEPO Angels from the DEPO Ventures group will therefore organize a Reverse Pitch event at the end of March, which will help connect startups with investors. Start-up entrepreneurs will be able to expand their network of contacts. While startups will be introduced to dozens of angel investors from Central Europe and the Baltic countries, this works out for investors who will be able to find new investment opportunities.

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