DEPO Ventures and StartupYard Double Down on Early Stage DeepTech Founders

Introducing a new co-investment initiative between StartupYard and DEPO Ventures, introducing the TechBoost Syndicate. This partnership aims to provide swift and efficient funding to early-stage DeepTech startups, helping them progress from the Proof of Concept (POC) phase to becoming investment-ready.

DEPO Ventures and StartupYard Double Down on Early Stage DeepTech Founders

The TechBoost Syndicate is designed to support StartupYard founders who are in the crucial early stages of development and do not yet have revenue. These startups often require small investment tickets to advance their projects a bit more before being fully ready to attract venture capital interest. By leveraging the strong relationship and mutual trust between StartupYard and DEPO Ventures, we can ensure a rapid funding process for our founders.


Michal Ciffra, Partner at DEPO Ventures, adds, “With our DEPO Angels network of over 200 investors and the high-quality incubation of deep-tech companies emerging from StartupYard, this collaboration feels like a natural step. It stems from our shared vision of fostering high-quality startups and providing them with the support they need to succeed in the crucial early-stage phase.


Cedric Maloux, CEO of StartupYard, underscores the importance of this initiative: “It is difficult for an angel investor to get access to a diversified quality deal flow that spans across Europe. StartupYard has been successfully doing it for high-tech startups since 2011. Similarly, it is challenging for first-time founders to find business angels due to limited access. By combining our efforts, StartupYard and DEPO Ventures aim to address both sides of this equation in a trusted environment.


This partnership highlights our commitment to supporting the next generation of early-stage DeepTech innovators. By providing timely and accessible funding to the startups in the StartupYard accelerator program, we aim to empower founders and prepare them for future investment opportunities.

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