DEPO’s Founders Meetup: A Catalyst for Innovation and Growth

Last October, DEPO Ventures had a great pleasure of organising a Founders Meetup that served as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and growth. The event was a precursor to the Engaged Investments Conference and was attended by an eclectic mix of DEPO team members, 30 founders of start-ups from over 12 countries, and our valued Limited Partners (LPs). This event marked the first time that all the parties came together, fostering a vibrant ecosystem that thrives on shared knowledge, mutual growth, and a unified vision.

DEPO’s Founders Meetup: A Catalyst for Innovation and Growth

The theme of the event, "How to Scale," aligned with the startups' aspirations, providing practical guidance for scaling businesses and overcoming associated challenges. It wasn't just a meetup but a practical masterclass in growth and innovation.


DEPO leveraged its strategic partnerships to provide a holistic learning experience. Applifting, an international AI-driven software company, conducted an insightful workshop on business expansion and infrastructure scaling. They addressed pertinent issues such as tech debt and the importance of enhancing user experience through usability testing.



Bird & Bird, a global law firm with a focus on technology and innovation, offered invaluable legal insights. They provided tips for scaling a business, gave an overview of Employee Stock Ownership Plans, and emphasized the importance of protecting IP rights early. These sessions underscored DEPO’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to its portfolio companies.



The Founders Meetup was a testament to DEPO’s dedication to fostering innovation, driving growth, and building a robust ecosystem for startups. The event was a resounding success, receiving highly positive feedback from attendees. It showcased DEPO’s unwavering commitment to its portfolio companies and its vision to be a catalyst for change in the VC industry.

As the sun set on the Founders Meetup, it left behind a trail of inspiration, a sense of camaraderie, and a roadmap for success. The event was not just a milestone for DEPO but a stepping stone towards a future where innovation thrives, businesses scale, and dreams take flight. We look forward to the next gatherings and thank everyone for attending!