Tatum, StartupYard and DEPO Ventures are launching a unique acceleration program

App development for blockchain-based tech is often long and tedious. The founders are often unaware of how exactly to continue with their project in order to make monetary gains from it. Seeing this issue, the developer platform Tatum joined forces with the startup accelerator StartupYard launching the unique Tatum Blockchain Accelerator. The program is built in a way to enable founders to easy development of their company from scratch. What do the founders get out of the service besides that? All-year acceleration includes investment, mentoring from experienced experts, access to the Tatum platform, and contacts from the blockchain and web3 world.

Tatum, StartupYard and DEPO Ventures are launching a unique acceleration program

Most crypto-accelerators generally focus on technical matters, such as tokenomics and infrastructure. However, they often omit the business side of things. To eliminate this knowledge gap, Tatum, together with StartupYard, created a new acceleration program. The platform makes building a blockchain app easier and less time-consuming. The developers can then use the time saved to build their business plan.   

Tatum is being used by more than 70 000 projects worldwide, and many seek means to accelerate efficiently. We aim to enable these projects to connect their ideas with a functioning business strategy. We are looking forward to meeting every one of them, so we can help them as best as we can, utilizing all the professional contacts we possess,” says Jiří Kobelka, founder and CEO of Tatum. 


Bonuses for up to a million euros

Selected startups can enjoy many benefits. The acceleration program encompasses workshops directly aimed at marketing, business, and finance, as well as 30 hours of mentoring from experienced professionals. Besides this, the program offers an annual license to use the TATUM platform, not to mention investment in the project for up to 70k euros. The program also offers a package of benefits evaluated for about a million euros, for instance, licenses for several development platforms. “We made partners among the key players in the global web3 space, such as Binance, Celo, or Polkadot. Thanks to this, accelerated startups gain access to a whole international network of mentors, partners, and investors,” adds Kobelka.

The program is going to be operating online during the Central European timezone. However, developers from any part of the world focusing on any crypto area are encouraged to participate. The company does not need to be based on a specific blockchain protocol. However, protocols compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine are preferred. One condition for program eligibility is either already using or planning to use Testnet.   




StartupYard, the longest-running accelerator in the CEE region, ensures the smooth acceleration of blockchain projects. So far, the company has managed to invest in a total of 21 countries. Ninety-two startups went through their program, funded over 100 million euros, and managed to employ over 1500 people. StartupYard has the financial support of numerous prestigious venture capital funds, namely Credo Ventures, Rockaway Capital, and Purple Ventures. 

I look forward to discovering and supporting ambitious entrepreneurs who want to utilize blockchain technology and bring new solutions to the world. Building a company is easier said than done. A model presupposed by accelerators within the last couple of years has proven its effectiveness within the startup world. It is an essential piece of the puzzle for the best-performing projects. Despite this fact, we do not see nearly enough accelerators such as this in the blockchain space,” argues Cedric Maloux, CEO of StartupYard. 

We are delighted that Jirka Kobelka, who has participated in the programs of the most prestigious accelerators in the world, made contact with StartupYard. We see the great potential and a prosperous future for blockchain technology, so we did not hesitate. And who knows, maybe we’ll find another Tatum,” claims Jan Staněk, partner at Purple Ventures. 

The first selection of projects will take place during a hackathon between September and October. The 12-month acceleration program starts a month after that. “The final acceleration program will consist of the best-handpicked projects. Among the criteria considered for getting into the program is, for example, the uniqueness of the presented technology, the potential of the team founder, future market potential, or the possible prospects of investment opportunities,” explains Michal Ciffra, partner at DEPO Ventures. He will participate in the project selection. DEPO Ventures is also invested in the accelerator. Anyone interested can apply for the program directly through StartupYard.com.


More about Tatum 

Tatum is a platform meant for developers of blockchain-based apps. It makes complicated blockchain processes easy, therefore making the whole process of web3 development more efficient. Its unique functions make it possible to cut time spent on development by up to 90 %. Over 70 thousand projects are already built using the Tatum platform, using more than 40 blockchain protocols.