Andre Dravecky and his startup RINGIL wants to digitize logistics

Despite the significantly growing volume of transported goods, logistics between small and medium-sized companies is outdated and inefficient. The Czech startup Ringil wants to change that. Its multifunctional platform digitizes operations in all parts of the transport process, facilitates control and automates communication. Startup is now receiving 11 million crowns from investors to launch a new era of digital logistics. The current investment round is still open, and it is possible to join it through the DEPO Angels syndicate.

Andre  Dravecky

"Logistics is one of the largest industries in the world. In addition, the diversity of the sector is increasing due to the increase in online shopping, changes in geopolitics or the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability. The biggest players in logistics are becoming technology companies, but a significant part of the industry is still not digitized. And it is Ringil that strives to ensure that small and medium-sized companies also have access to advanced tools,” says DEPO Ventures partner Michal Ciffra. 

In addition to DEPO Ventures, a prominent angel investor from Silicon Valley, Isaac Applbaum, former DHL top manager Alex Pilař and Principal engineering, took part in the current investment round, in which Ringil wants to raise a total of CZK 20 million. The money will be used to recruit new employees, scale the product on the European market and connect the product with transport partners.

The Ringil multifunctional digital platform for freight transport makes it possible to clearly monitor shipments in real time. It will indicate whether the package will be delivered on the agreed date, and then find out whether it was delivered to the addressee in time. Ringil digitizes operations in all parts of the transport process, facilitating control over several different systems, hundreds of e-mails, and telephone calls per day. It can be used virtually anywhere.


Ringil platform mock up

"Our vision is completely automated logistics, or at least freight transport. We want to build a company that will be here for decades and will help thousands of companies to digitize and automate logistics processes. Our biggest rivals are pencil, paper, e-mail, and telephone - these tools serve 95 percent of the market. It will not be easy to beat them, but we will manage it" says André Dravecký, the founder and CEO of Ringil.

The integration is based on connection to enterprise resource planning systems or ERP systems. Carriers and third parties can do the same. The platform allows you to add different modules. The whole interface adapts to the client, there is no need to change established procedures. Ringil will save you thousands of hours of work and reduce errors that can occur when working manually. The first versions of the product are already functional, Ringil has been on the market since September 2021.

"André comes from a family that manages a smaller domestic transport company. His first project, Shipvio, competed with the German technology company Sennder for first place in the digital freight market. André is simply destined to do great things in this industry. The whole team is joined by Miloslav Vlach and Michal Bako, who have unique experience in building logistics technology platforms" says Michal Ciffra.

"People at DEPO Ventures have clearly shown us how to make investments in startups west of us. We are planning another investment round and we believe that thanks to them we will be able to raise capital faster. We also hope to get a lot from the huge network of angel investors DEPO Angels, which will help us move the company forward. At the same time, we can find customers or mentors among them," says André Dravecký.

Ringil represents the third investment of the second angel fund DEPO Ventures. The fund has already invested in Blockmate, which provides unified API access to financial data from cryptocurrency accounts of various global services. They also invested to the startup GitGut, which is a gaming voice assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help players of e-sports games.