From Czechia to Silicon Valley - the successful story of TATUM

Tatum, which aims to make it easier for companies to develop blockchain applications, celebrates a major Czech success in the mecca of startups. At the end of 2020, the company was accepted into the prestigious SkyDeck accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Jiří Kobelka CEO of TATUM, photo by FORBES

TATUM is the first Czech startup in SkyDeck accelerator

The shareholders of this world-known fund include the legendary companies Sequoia Capital and Mayfield. Every year, thousands of startups from all over the world apply to SkyDeck, but the accelerator always selects only the best 16 of them. Besides that, Tatum received an investment from their fund.

We didn't expect it at all

Behind the global success of the TATUM startup is a tool that allows developers to quickly and easily create blockchain applications. Its goal is to make it simple for companies to develop these applications without any previous experience in this area. The system currently supports over 25 blockchains, which developers can easily integrate into their applications. The startup, in which the Grouport and Tensor Ventures funds have invested, focuses on B2B clients. In 2020, Tatum's turnover grew by an average of 25 percent each month. By comparison, for fast-growing startups in Silicon Valley, it's only 10 to 20 percent a month.

"Our goal is to make blockchain technology available to developers who do not yet have much experience with it. The tool is so simple that most applications are finished in hours, units of days at most,” said Samuel Šramko, CTO of Tatum, who founded the company together with Jiří Kobelka, who holds the position of CEO.


Core team of TATUM














Thousands of clients in just the first month

In December, Tatum opened its platform to all developers. In the first month alone, more than 3,500 registered. The startup follows the path of open source and is constantly looking for exceptional talent in its team. "Thanks to our clients, we come into contact with the latest and unique technologies every week. Whether it's a data synchronization system of a swarm of army attack drones, zero-knowledge protocols, or microtransactions on a blockchain. Therefore, we focus primarily on candidates with high potential," summarizes Samuel Šramko.

Last year, the Brno startup expanded from 10 to 23 people, about half of whom are in charge of development. In December 2020, the startup received a new advisory board. Its members are Samir Ghosh, Vish Pai, Chris Mossing, and Patrick Pahl. These experienced people from Silicon Valley will help the startup meet its goals - to become a standard tool for blockchain application development.

"In our view, blockchain means a paradigm shift in the world of technology. For the non-blockchain centralized world, the move towards decentralization is a major challenge. Tatum represents a bridge between these two worlds. Moreover, it is an exceptional startup with a global vision from day one," said Grouport partner Michal Ciffra.

More about Tatum

Startup Tatum works for clients in the Czech Republic, Great Britain, and the USA. It is also involved in projects in the field of real estate market tokenization in the USA, tracking in the supply chain, food history, digital wallets, or state digital currencies.

The problems associated with the development using the blockchain are solved by several preset functions, which are further developed thanks to the growing community. For example, the ability to quickly and securely implement cryptocurrencies into a payment system is a matter of days instead of months of development with an uncertain outcome. Tatum is one of the leaders who contribute to the worldwide adaptation of blockchain technologies. Thanks to Tatum, the gap that opens between the idea and its application has been bridged.