"DEPO KINETICS - a new strategic partnership helping CEE Start Up’s launch into international markets by attracting UK Smart Money"

Technology and investment bridge

DEPO KINETICS is a technology and investment bridge that brings the best in-class technology start ups to the UK investors that are extending their British Pounds in Central and Eastern European markets.

The Partnership is a combination of Corporate Advisor Capital Kinetics Limited from Great Britain and Depo Ventures Investment Management Platform established in 2017 based in the Czech Republic.

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Capital Kinetics specialises and invests in companies at an early stage and provides - in partnership with Depo and Other Key Partners - a unique offering to minimise their risk of failure.


Seasoned State investors, mentors, academics and industry experts assist our companies through one-to-one meetings and exclusive targeted events (incubating mode)


300+ companies reviewed over 12 months, Manually screened


Detailed and comprehensive commercial due diligence process tailor made around early stage companies


Unparalleled access to growth sectors in CZ and UK


Access to alternative distribution channels and potential exit strategies (i.e. global insurance companies and private health providers) and positioning of our already NHS vetted companies for long term distribution into the NHS


Expert panel of reviewers to validate the science and technology

Type of investors

  • Business angels and co-investors providing smart money
  • Open to international investments in CEE region

Type of startups

  • High quality well managed start ups with strong IP and realistic valuations
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Growth phase
  • Project with social impact (edtech, medtech..) using technology (blockchain, AI, digital data)


Christian Kumar

A career spanning over 30 years in corporate finance, investment banking and wealth management, Christian has created a deployment model that allows rapid commercialisation of ideas, a method of valuation and funding to motivate the stakeholders whilst minimizing risks to the investors by mentoring companies with a 3-5 year vision of strategic growth.

Christian is supported by a highly skilled international advisory team to meet the needs of todays MedTech Sector.

Petr Sima

Founder of DEPO Ventures with 25 years of experience in M&A and Corporate Finance with emphasis on business valuation. Founder of Angel Network and Grouport Investment Fund. Petr has extensive VC and Investor exposure accumulated over the years..