"Unique network of independent investors seeking quality projects, connection and support"

DEPO Angels

  • Reliable angel network based in the Czech Republic and focusing mainly on CEE projects
  • Officially registered at Eban logo Czech Business Angel Asociation
  • For business angels who are looking for quality dealflow
  • Simple fee structure
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Membership benefits

  • QUALITY DEALFLOW / We are primarily scouting for the best early-stage startups in the CEE region, but also looking at projects across Europe. Every project we show our members have been manually screened and met basic criteria.
  • CUSTOMIZING / Find a like-minded investor that fulfills startups needs is our priority, whether is capital only or strategic advisor.
  • WE INVEST WITH YOU / We present you worthy projects and we convert 50 % of our fee into equity
  • PITCH events / Professional pitch presentation of ambitious projects that we select for our monthly Depo Potch online events.
  • NETWORK / Community spanning across Business Angels, VC funds, mentors, and advisors mainly in Europe
  • SYNDICATING OF INVESTMENTS / Find a co-investor may be very hard sometimes, even if you do not want to be a lead investor or you invest internationally. Depo Angels give you the opportunity to find a co-investor you can trust.
  • Additional services
  • ADVISORY SERVICES / Depo Angels simplified the investment process from the beginning till the investment. We are here if you need deeper analysis, financial and legal advisory with startup focus (e.g. Due Diligence, Business plan verification, Transaction documentation)

What startups we are interested in

  • USP / Unique selling propositions. Technological projects solving a particular problem.
  • European founders / Headquarters can be everywhere, but at least one co-founder is from Europe.
  • TEAM / Capable, able to execute, skilled team
  • SCALE / Global ambition, scalability
  • STAGE / Pre-seed, seed, angel, pre-A, series A
  • Manual screening / Thanks to our analytics team and manually pre-screening, we are able to identify quality and high-potential startups, even in early-stage.