"Unique network of independent investors seeking quality projects, connection and support"

DEPO Angels Network

  • Reliable angel network based in the Czech Republic and focusing mainly on CEE projects
  • Officially registered at Eban logo Czech Business Angel Asociation
  • For business angels who are looking for quality dealflow
  • Simple fee structure
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Membership benefits

  • QUALITY DEALFLOW / We are primarily scouting for the best early stage startups in the CEE region, but also looking at projects worldwide
  • CUSTOMIZING / We select projects based on your individual preferences
  • WE INVEST WITH YOU / We present you worthy projects and we convert 50% of our fee into equity
  • PITCH EVENT / Professional presentation of ambitious projects
  • NETWORK / Community spanning across business angels in the CEE region
  • SYNDICATING OF INVESTMENTS / Investing with like-minded investors
  • Additional services
  • ADVISORY SERVICES / Financial and legal advisory with startup focus (e.g. Due Diligence, Business plan verification)
  • REPORTING / Continual startup performance monitoring

DEPO Dealflow

Thanks to our analytics team and manually pre-screening, we are able to identify quality and high-potencial startups, even in early stage across Europe and the US.

Investment via Depo Angels